It leaves Real Properties as tertiary, which caters to Veronica’s concept just fine — the woman is a partner, perhaps not a combatant

It leaves Real Properties as tertiary, which caters to Veronica’s concept just fine — the woman is a partner, perhaps not a combatant

Lynn plans to be involved in Justin’s the Vampire: New Masquerade chronicle. Justin informs Lynn your chronicle targets the latest situations off the fresh new Camarilla into the Chicago a few years once a disastrous werewolf attack you to definitely resulted in the final Deaths of a lot Kindred. He tells Lynn you to emails regarding the chronicle are going to be Camarilla or friendly independents (no matter if Justin’s not opposed to with a Sabbat spy within the strong protection as part of the brand new coterie), and give the girl a copy of the profile layer.

She wants the fresh new fascinate and you can large-people facet of the Camarilla, and pire just who rubs arms and you may curries favor with Chicago’s influential Kindred and you may kine

Taking a look at the story, Lynn kicks to strategies and initiate the procedure of flipping those ideas into an entire-fledged reputation.

Lynn’s earliest duty is to developed a thought to have her profile. That have a flair into heartbreaking, Lynn identifies you to the lady reputation ‘s the past scion away from an effective once-prominent family that has slow but inexorably slid on the refuse. Picturing a modern spin on the ’20s flapper socialite archetype, Lynn in addition to decides you to definitely their character is pretty enthusiastic on team and you may money. Clan Ventrue is the obvious choices, however, Lynn establishes one the lady profile is an excellent Toreador, to include some other spin.

Merely a bona guyspy ekÅŸi fide crackpot would name their profile after themselves (talk about Freudian. ), thus Lynn establishes one the woman profile passes the moniker away from Veronica Abbey-Roth.

She iable and you may shallow — which mask brand new smart deep in body

Lynn takes into account Veronica’s Nature and Temperament. Her Attitude — your face she gift suggestions to the world — is actually Gallant, in order to echo an unlife spent mainly in Camarilla salons and you will activities. Lynn decides one Veronica’s company acumen necessitates an interior push and you may take-fees means of addressing activities; she determines Director toward character’s Characteristics. She including sees a chance for almost all advanced roleplaying in choosing a great headstrong Archetype — think just how all of these important Kindred with which she hobnobs will address good brash young business king!

While the good Capire, Lynn’s reputation defaults towards moral password regarding Mankind. Lynn sees nothing wrong with this specific, and you will groups brand new Mankind Feature on her reputation piece.

Lynn need to today focus on and you can assign Veronica’s Characteristics. Societal Features make the most sense to possess an initial category, Lynn causes, as frequently most other experience of people will get into diplomatic and you may municipal conversation. Just like the Veronica’s second classification, Lynn determines Rational, showing this lady training and you may understanding with issues economic.

Lynn have eight dots so you can split one of Veronica’s Public Functions. Choosing Veronica’s somewhat a good looker, Lynn leaves three dots in features getting a characteristic score out of 4 (remember the one «free» point every reputation enjoys in most Properties). Veronica have slightly something special so you can get anyone else to-do exactly what she wishes — a couple dots wade with the her Control Characteristic, providing the woman a score away from 3. Veronica’s also likable, generally speaking; Lynn puts the rest two dots towards Charisma, giving the woman a step three where Feature.

Having five dots to designate so you’re able to Rational Properties, Lynn decides Veronica is actually a savvy, shrewd businesswoman. Getting a couple of dots for each and every for the Intelligence and you may Wits gives Veronica score of 3 both in these Characteristics. The remaining part gets into Impact, producing a get out-of dos.

Determining Bodily Traits is all that is remaining to get rid of Veronica’s Characteristics. Lynn notices Veronica since narrow, willowy and you may lithe, very she adds nothing to brand new character’s Electricity, leaving it during the step 1, and you can assigns a couple dots so you’re able to Veronica’s Coordination, ultimately causing a get from step three. In the end, Lynn metropolitan areas the rest Bodily mark into the Power, for a get regarding dos.